Using your HSA as cash

Who doesn't want to have a little stash of cash for a rainy day? And maybe that rainy day involves buying a new 4K flat-screen. Those are good for your health right? You might want to take your money out of your HSA and use it to fulfill your high-def dreams.

But, before you go to the ATM and empty out your HSA funds, be careful-- there may (and probably will) be tax consequences to withdrawing money. Let's discuss your options.

Part of the advantage of an HSA is that you can save significantly on taxes by contributing to the account. The catch is, this money can only be used for qualified medical expenses, as we mentioned earlier. And because of that, the government doesn't look fondly at not playing by the rules (however badly you wanted that TV).

Still, here are three options for withdrawing money from your HSA:

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