HSA Contribution Limits Announced for 2016

UPDATE: To find out the HSA contribution limits for 2019, click here.

This update was created by FSAstore.com Compliance Director, Rachel Rouleau.

In May, the IRS issued Revenue Procedure 2015-30 , announcing the inflation-adjustedlimits for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and minimum deductibles for qualified High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs).

The limits for 2016 are as follows:

  • HDHP Minimum Deductible : Remains unchanged from 2015 at $1,300 for self-only coverage and $2,600 for family coverage.
  • HSA Maximum Contribution Amounts : $3,350 for self-only coverage(unchanged from 2015) and $6,750 for family coverage (up from $6,650 for 2015).
  • HDHP Out-of-pocket Maximum : $6,550 for self-only coverage (up from $6,450 in2015) and $13,100 for family coverage (up from $12,900 in 2015).
  • Catch-up Contribution (Age 55 or older) : Remains unchanged at $1,000 for self-only or family coverage.

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