Hi-tech bundles to splurge on before the holidays

We use most of our Learning Center articles to point out how health savings accounts (HSAs) are phenomenal tools for long-term savings for retirement. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't use your tax-free funds for something to ensure you're healthy and happy along the way.

While we usually reserve these articles for deeper topics, as we approach the end of the year, we couldn't resist sharing some of our favorite HSA-eligible, hi-tech spending opportunities. Because, while we'll always encourage you to save money for retirement, there's no reason you shouldn't also use these funds to improve your health and wellness today.

(Keep in mind, we're not tax or financial advisors and won't pretend to be. As always, our recommendations should not be considered tax or legal advice.)

When we say "big" we mean "BIG"

We're firm believers that if you're going to do this and have the available funds, you might want to go big. That's why we're recommending a few of our most popular bundles to bring you themed collections of the most-popular products in our inventory.

But this isn't just about grabbing big-ticket items. Common sense dictates that the more a product costs, the more tax savings you can get by using HSA funds. And that's why you should consider the Hi-Tech Bundle, which contains a number of cutting-edge healthcare products that you might not consider buying with out-of-pocket funds, but may come in handy for your health needs..

But without the tax? They probably seem a lot more appealing -- especially if it's something that will dramatically improve the quality of your day-to-day wellness.

The hi-tech bundle contains items that represent the latest technology in consumer health, featuring smartphone compatibility, and new ways to monitor, prevent and treat health concerns throughout the body.

Going "big" for those who are a little smaller...

For those looking to be the most advanced parents at the playdate, the Hi-Tech Baby Bundle comes with items that ensure you're always on top of your child's health. Today, hi-tech products like baby movement monitors and connected measurement devices give new parents unprecedented insights.

In other words, there was nothing wrong with the old-fashioned thermometer for staying on top of common baby health issues. But any opportunity to make things a little easier for parents is likely worth it. And with tax-free savings, it's even easier to take the plunge.

But, why should I spend?

The short answer to this (even shorter) question is "Because of tax-free savings!" And that's a pretty spot-on assessment of why you should consider allocating some funds for these purposes.

We understand the concern about dipping into a retirement plan for everyday items. And yeah, maybe buying bandages and cold relief products each month doesn't represent the most forward-thinking use of these funds. But when it comes to maintaining and improving health, any item -- big or small -- is worth considering if you don't want to spend out-of-pocket money. Not to mention, the more you set aside for these expenses that you'll incur regardless, the more you save on taxes throughout the year.

(And now that we're approaching the holidays, this is an even bigger concern to consider.)

The bottom line is that HSA funds are designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle now, and into the future. How you use them is entirely up to you. But, given the potential tax savings on these hi-tech bundles, and how much they can benefit users, we stand behind these recommendations.

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