5 must-haves for your first-aid kit

First aid kits are among the most popular FSA eligible items available at FSAstore.com , and in the event of a major emergency, they can give you confidence to respond effectively in some scary situations.

Of course, no first aid kit can be expected to treat every emergency that arises, so it's wise to supplement yours with a few products that could prove invaluable in a pinch.

Here are 5 must-haves for your first-aid kit:

Activated Charcoal Powder

Poison control is often overlooked in first aid kits, but activated charcoal powder is a smart choice during these instances. These ultra fine charcoal grains can absorb a wide variety of drugs and chemicals, has a nearly indefinite shelf life and can be a life-saver in poisoning emergencies that could also include venomous bites and even severe allergic reactions.

Eye Wash

Foreign objects, chemicals and other environmental hazards can cause significant damage to the eyes if they are not cleaned quickly, and many first aid kits do not include an eye wash to handle these situations. Opt for a large enough bottle that can provide a steady stream into the eyes, and be sure to look for a product with an active preservative so it will stay fresh for years in your first aid kit.

Hand Sanitizer

Before handling a wound or other afflicted area, you should ensure that your hands are clean to avoid spreading them to affected areas and possibly leading to infections. Hand sanitizer is the quickest and easiest way to remove germs and other pathogens from your hands and should be a mainstay in any first aid kit.

Paramedic Shears

These rugged scissors are used to remove clothing in the event of a major injury, so the person providing first aid can get to the afflicted area quickly. The shears' design of a blunt tip and curved blades will reduce the chances of further injury, as well as being easy to use by those caring for the injured or for the injured person to remove clothing on his/her own.

Safety Pins

Surprisingly, there are a number of first aid kits that do not contain safety pins, but these hold innumerable medical uses. They can be used to cinch bandages over a wound, fasten a sling and even used to dig out small objects like splinters and debris from underneath the skin.

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Of course, you can't get started on improving your first aid kit if you don't have one!

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