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Psi Bands Nausea Relief Wrist Bands - Racer Black

HSA-OK. This item can be purchased with an HSA Card. No prescription necessary.

About this product


Psi Bands are acupressure wrist bands, a clinically-proven, FDA-cleared and patented medical device, for the relief of nausea due to chemotherapy, morning/pregnancy sickness, motion/travel sickness, and anesthesia. They use pressure point stimulation. Acupressure wrist bands are clinically proven in double blind randomized studies to relieve nausea. Psi Bands are drug free, waterproof (wear them snorkeling, showering, etc. without waterlogged bands), adjustable for a personalized and comfortable fit, stylish (available in several fun colors), and reusable.

  • Two bands come per set; one band is worn on each wrist
  • NOT made with natural rubber latex
  • Fit wrist sizes 5 1/4” to 7 ¼” in circumference
  • As seen on Shark Tank, Good Morning America, in Women’s Health Magazine, an Oprah Magazine “O Pick” and Entrepreneur Magazine calls them a “strokes of Genius”

Rated 4.0 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

Published 1 year ago

Because of my severe sinus issues I have a motion sickness problem so I can't wait to use this on my next road trip, flight or cruise.

Published 1 year ago

I ordered the wrong product. I did not use this

Published 1 year ago

Found out about these bands when I was pregnant. They are totally awesome. I've taken them on cruises and when travelling--I get motion sickness. These bands are a saving grace.

Published 1 year ago

Came in nice packaging, great selection of styles. The instructions are simple and easy to read. Product works well, and relieves symptoms quickly. Would recommend to anyone who suffers from motion sickness, inner ear infections.

Published 1 year ago

Finally something that works!

Published 1 year ago

Good Is a good product. Will be using alot.

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