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  • HSA-eligible products: From band aids and sun screen to vitamins and breast pumps, HSAstore.com is stocked exclusively with more than four thousand HSA and FSA eligible products, including prescription over-the-counter items. Since the site only offers HSA and FSA-eligible products, there are no guessing games about what is and what is not reimbursable. HSAstore.com accepts all HSA and FSA-debit and major credit cards, offers 24/7 customer service, one-to-two-day turnaround and free shipping on orders $50+.
  • HSA-eligible services: Did you know that acupuncture is covered by an HSA? How about smoking cessation programs or the dermatologist? Want to find an HSA-eligible service near your home or office? HSAstore.com offers the most comprehensive list of HSA-eligible products and services around.
  • HSA Learning Center: Offering answers to all of your most frequently asked questions, an option to ask an expert, HSA focused articles and much more! Visit HSAstore.com's expanded eligible products list to search product or item eligibility by eligibility status, A-Z or account type. With more than 800 expense types and their eligibility status, you're bound to find what you're looking for! If you don't, you can always ask one of our eligibility experts!

HSAstore.com was founded on the idea that in order for consumers to make the most of the triple tax advantage offered with an HSA (contributions, qualified distributions and interest are tax-free), they need to be educated on the value of long-term health care savings as well as everyday medical expenses that they can purchase with tax favored dollars. HSAstore.com aims to bring resources to HSA holders unlike any other, while providing a convenient place for HSA holders to purchase their every day medical necessities.

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