Battle Creek Embrace ™ Relief Back Wrap

SKU# 29570

The Embrace ™ Relief Wrap, designed by our Michigan-based engineering team, comes with a soft micro fleece material that contours to the body for a more comfortable fit. The thick neoprene insulation layer holds in the heat when placed on the injured area, which helps relieve pain and relax surrounding muscles. Our 10,000 mAh battery comes with a rapid charging block (2.1A). The battery can power the wrap for up to approximately 8hrs on High, 10hrs on Medium and 15hrs on Low to provide all day pain relief. Choose your preferred temperature with the three-temperature heat setting. This battery-operated wrap helps keep you off the couch, and in the game of life. Take your health to the next level with HSA eligible Pain Relief products.

  • JOINT AND MUSCLE PAIN RELIEF – REDUCES PAIN WITHIN MINUTES: Are you suffering from knee pain? Do you find yourself unable to do the things you enjoy? This wrap will give you the relief you need! The wraps therapeutic heat allows muscle tissue to relax and reduce overall tightness while boosting blood circulation. 
  • FAST HEATING THAT RUNS HOTTER THAN OTHERS – PROVIDES QUICK PAIN RELIEF: The wrap heats up in seconds, reaching a beneficial temperature in 5 minutes and maximum therapeutic temperature in 10 minutes! The fast heat allows you quicker relief! And it can be used all day on low for those who enjoy the natural comfort which longer use at low temperatures provides. 
  • MULTIPLE PERSONALIZED HEAT SETTINGS & AUTO SHUTOFF: Choose between three heat settings: High, Medium, and Low; to find the best temperature for you. For maximum beneficial treatment, automatic shutoff timers are set to 45 minutes for High, 90 minutes for Medium, and 8 hours on Low. 
  • BATTERY POWERED – RUNS LONGER THAN OTHERS (BATTERY LASTS HOURS):  No need to worry about a dying battery during use, our battery outperforms the other guys! The small, 10,000 mAh USB battery, has twice the capacity vs other heat wrap batteries, it runs for 8 hours on high and up to 15 hours on Low when fully charged. It can even be used to charge phones and other devices! 
  • SOFT MICROFLEECE FIBERS & ERGONOMICALLY TAILORED: The soft micro fleece contours to the body for a more comfortable fit. It even stays on while you move around! A thick neoprene insulation layer holds in the heat when placed to the injured area. The center straps of the wrap provide added adjustability and tightness for improved comfort during mobile use or bending. 

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