What are my contribution limits for HSAs?

The IRS is the formal governing body for HSAs, and annually establishes contribution limits for the upcoming year. These limits are for total contributions made to your account, including those made by you, your employer, and any other third party.

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You're qualified to make contributions if:

  1. You're enrolled in a qualified HDHP.
  2. Have no other insurance that covers health care expenses without copayments or deductibles having to be paid first (often referred to as "first dollar" coverage).
  3. Have had at least one full month of HDHP coverage before December 1 of the current plan year, and have enrolled in coverage for the next 12 months (13 months in total). In other words, you need to show that you're committed to the plan.
If you meet all these requirements, then you may contribute up to the following for 2020:
  • $3,550 for individual HDHPs
  • $7,100 for family HDHPs
  • Plus, if you're age 55 or older, you may contribute an additional $1,000 catch-up.