Icy Hot and Its Uses

Whether you are moving around at the office, playing a sport on the weekends, or getting active during a vacation, you are occasionally met with backaches or sprains. Or perhaps you suffer from arthritis and fibromyalgia and have chronic lower back pain. While Icy Hot might not make the pain go away, it can make it more bearable. And, Icy Hot is also covered by a health savings account (HSA).

Icy Hot patches are designed to relieve muscle aches, tension points, stiffness, joint pain and arthritis from the neck down. They cause a cooling sensation followed by a warming sensation, which distract you from the pain by blocking pain signals sent to the brain. The cooling sensation dulls the pain, while the warming sensation relaxes it away. These flexible patches are breathable, so you don't have to worry about them getting sweaty especially in hot temperatures.


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