Why You Need a Getaway

Burnout is on the rise. With millions of Americans finding ways to adjust to “new normals,” or having been impacted by job loss, many people believe they’ve fallen into less healthy sleeping habits over the past year and even experience prolonged feelings of stress, depression, and exhaustion.

With the residual effects of the pandemic still looming, and more time being spent indoors and on screens, feeling a need for escape has become more vital for our physical and mental well-being, and we recognize that. That’s why we at HSA Store sat down with our friends at Getaway to ask them about the benefits of unplugging and why you need it now more than ever.

Q: Why is it so important to take a break?

G: No matter what type of break you’re taking, whether it’s a weekend escape into nature or a stroll outside, you’ll experience long-term health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety. Even taking a break from your desk to stretch or walk, reduces the negative side effects of sitting for long periods of time — like heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Taking a break from work has actually shown to improve productivity as well.

Q: So, taking a break from work can actually make you a better worker?

G: Unplugging from the routine of your job refreshes your mind, inspires creativity, and helps you stay motivated. That, in turn, can help improve productivity. Whether that’s in a Getaway tiny cabin (we call it an Outpost), or an extended lunch break, remember: resting well leads to working well.

Q: How quickly can someone experience the benefits of getting away? 

G: Being outside in nature is one of the best ways to improve physical and mental well-being. So many factors about getting out in nature can contribute to improved health like exposure to clean air and sunlight, and preventing burnout by breaking up your routine. 

Who you get away with matters, too. Whether you choose to stay with your partner or family, having a shared experience also contributes to better communication, relaxation, and learning — which can lead to becoming more connected to each other, with less time scrolling and more time making memories.

Q: Do you have tips to decompress for those who are less ‘spontaneous’?

G: There are plenty of us who have a hard time actually unplugging. For starters, here are a few easy steps to keep in mind: 

Set a daytime schedule

Establishing healthy habits throughout the day will help you rest easy at night. Plan out your day with a morning hike, an afternoon nap, or dinner by the fire. Creating change in your routine and giving yourself something to look forward to is a great way to recharge.

Keep your bedroom phone-free

There are plenty of reasons to keep phones far from our beds — that’s why our cabins will never have wifi-free and always include a cell phone lockbox. The light from a smartphone’s screen disrupts our body’s melatonin production and the addictive allure of social media often keeps us scrolling past our bedtimes.

Create a relaxing night-time routine

Make where you sleep a relaxing space — this often means cool, dark, and quiet. (Acupressure mats can really relieve any pains after a long day.) A good book also makes a great escape, so our cabins come with recommended reads to help you relax. 

Q: What does packing for an escape look like?

G: When it comes to what to pack, we usually say “not much,” we believe in the simplicity of just enjoying the great outdoors in good company. Our tiny cabins also include everything you need and nothing you don’t, including fresh linens on a queen bed with pillows and blankets, toiletries, and more.

For minimalists, a toothbrush and toothpaste, good outdoor shoes, and a rain jacket are all you need. For those who like to come more prepared, we recommend sunscreen, bug-bite pain relief, and medical first aid kit. For those who just want to enjoy the tiny cabin life, cozy pajamas, or an acupressure mat are a few ideas to make your stay even more zen. The Hit-Reset Kit (a part of our grand and runner-up prize packages) is a great getaway kit that covers all your outdoor bases! 

About Getaway

Getaway offers escapes to tiny cabins within two hours of major cities all over the country. The cabins have everything you need (the comforts of home) and nothing you don’t (TVs, wifi), so you can enjoy free time in nature focusing on who and what matters most.

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