Adding hi-tech health to your 2023 health planning

If one thing on the health care industry is certain, it's that the future is tied to new technology. Even over the course of the past few years, the advances made have been life-changing and saved the lives of many people.

And it isn't just about the hi-tech diagnostic and treatment options available in hospitals. While those are certainly groundbreaking in their own right, there are many hi-tech personal care options available for everyday use that are changing the way people live their lives.

Blood sugar monitoring

It wasn't that long ago that blood sugar monitoring and managing diabetes was a difficult undertaking. Now the technology available allows people to monitor their blood sugar levels and keep their diabetes under control in only a few minutes a day. And many of these monitors are eligible expenses.


Remember being a kid and having your temperature taken - sitting still with a glass thermometer under your tongue for what felt like an eternity? Those days are long gone. Hi-tech thermometers can now get an accurate reading in only a few seconds. Many are also Bluetooth-enabled and can sync the data right to your smartphone, where you can track body temperature alongside symptoms and medications. These eligible monitors made being sick a little less tedious.

Acne treatments

You'll be hard-pressed to find a person who hasn't had to deal with acne. For a long time, the most common treatments involved rubbing various creams and lotions on your face to prevent and fight breakouts. Today, that's a different story. New technology allows you to fight acne with non-invasive, over-the-counter light treatments.

Plus, these treatments are HSA-eligible. It doesn't matter if you only have occasional breakouts or you're regularly battling severe acne - this treatment is available to everyone.

Pain relief

For years, pain relief for many people has meant taking a variety of different pills, visiting a lot of doctors, and maybe even undergoing some invasive treatments. Modern medicine has completely transformed this tedious regimen. Pain relief is now as simple as wrapping a brace or heat wrap around your joint or muscle.

These hi-tech devices are able to stimulate joints, nerves, and muscles to alleviate pain in a drug-free and noninvasive manner. This is a huge breakthrough for people who deal with chronic pain that affects their everyday lives.

Baby breathing monitors

Adults aren't the only ones who can benefit from high-tech advances in healthcare. For many years, a monitor meant that you'd have a fuzzy-quality walkie-talkie available to listen to so that you knew when your baby struggled a bit at night.

HSA-eligible baby breathing monitors can help track development by recording words, tracking movements, and allowing you to keep an eye on sleep patterns. And many baby monitors now provide apps so that you can also track notes and details of your own in sync with what the baby monitor picks up.

This makes tracking your baby's everyday health development as simple as any other app. Tracking your baby's health from the get go can help you keep a close eye on their quality of life and alleviate the nerves you have about leaving your new baby alone for the night.


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