HSA Headlines - 11/23/18 - A benefits cheat sheet for 2019

Now that Thanksgiving is in the rear view mirror and you've arisen from your mashed potato coma, the rest of 2018 will go by like a blur and before you know it we'll be in a new plan year!

Because HSAs have no deadlines and funds roll over yearly, this is a much quieter time of year compared with FSA users, many of whom have to spend the remainder of their funds by 12/31. So as the HSA news cycle slows down, we wanted to share a few helpful articles we've found over the past few weeks that can help anyone still going through open enrollment, as well as those who want to get a fresh start on 2019.

How to use FSAs, HSAs and HRAs to cut your healthcare costs - Donna Rosato, Consumer Reports

If you know someone on the fence about enrolling in a consumer-directed healthcare account like an HSA or FSA, this is one of the best roundups available. It lays out specifics for what each account can do to improve your financial bottom line.

While most of us look for the lowest cost plans during our open enrollment periods, there's plenty hidden in the fine print of most insurance plans that can help you realize some major savings in the coming year.

And be sure to check out the FSA section. Consumer Reports was kind enough to link to our website for all of your tax-free shopping needs!

24 health insurance terms explained in plain English - Susan Rinkunas, Vice News

If you're reading this blog, you already know how complicated healthcare can be. There's almost like an entirely different language to use when it comes to navigating your open enrollment portals or filing claims, and while we strive to use as much plain language as possible on this website, it's kind of hard to find a better word for "deductible."

So instead of harassing Google, this new piece from Vice News is a must-add to your bookmarks list that will come in handy throughout the year, whether you're shopping for a new insurance plan or making a claim.

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