HSA Headlines - 8/31/18 - The 2018 Midyear Devenir HSA Research Report is here!

We all know that healthcare can be confusing. Luckily for us, Devenir, a leading consumer healthcare research firm, recently released their highly-anticipated HSA research report for 2018.

This biannual report is one of the most widely-cited in the industry and highlights the key trends involving health savings account (HSA) management, enrollment, investments and more.

Let's break it down.

2018 Midyear Devenir HSA Research Report - Devenir

Besides the update on the growing number of HSA holders, the key takeaway of the midyear Devenir research is that HSA assets now exceed $50 billion. That is a huge 20% increase of year-over-year assets.

So this means that not only are more individuals choosing to opt-in to HSAs, but more individuals are learning how to capitalize on the potential benefits HSAs can offer for long-term financial health.

As we also find out from the survey, the largest contributor of HSA account growth comes from employer-employee relationships. Consumers are more openly and enthusiastically accepting HSAs as a credible and legitimate way to save for healthcare and retirement costs.

Devenir research results point out that HSA investment assets are nearing the $50 billion line. This piggybacks off of the fact that HSA holders are learning to better use the investment potential of these accounts. Doing this can help consumers better save and manage their money, so that when it comes to retirement, there's less to worry about.

In fact, HSA investment assets have gone up 45% since this time last year -- a major boost. We've previously discussed in a past article that this aspect of HSAs is often underutilized, with Alegeus reporting that only 13% of HSA holders had invested with their HSA for growth purposes.

It seems like HSA holders are steadily becoming savvier with how they use their HSAs. Instead of treating their HSAs like spending accounts, the additional benefits like retirement savings capabilities and investment opportunities are coming to the forefront of what it means to use your HSA.

And, while we urge HSA owners to make sure their investment plans don't get in the way of their healthcare realities, it's clear they're really embracing the security and financial potential of this opportunity.

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