10 HSA Eligible Home Health Care Options for Dependent Care

Caring for an adult family member can be a difficult, but often rewarding experience. Unfortunately, the cost of dependent care can put a strain on both the caregiver and the dependent.

Thankfully, you can use your HSA to pay for many of those unavoidable expenses. Here are some of the most useful, HSA eligible products for dependent care.

Diagnostic products

Some of the most popular diagnostic products are HSA eligible, including blood pressure monitors, oximeters, stethoscopes and thermometers.

The Omron 10 SERIES Advanced Accuracy Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor can store up to 100 blood pressure readings for two people - perfect for couples who both take regular blood pressure readings.

Individuals with lung conditions may use an oximeter to monitor their pulse and oxygen levels. The Jobar Color Coded Fingertip Pulse Oxygen Meter shows results with a green, yellow or red display. This lets consumers quickly see if they should be on alert.

Home health care aides

Seniors living alone can benefit from having emergency items at home. A wearable device like the 911 Guardian Alert Wearable Emergency Phone will let them quickly call 911 by simply pressing a button. Users wear this device around their neck when alone, ensuring the ability to call for help after a bad fall or other adverse health event. The Genuine First Aid Portable CPR Mask includes a special mask that makes it easier to perform CPR. This should be kept in an easy-to-find spot, and anyone who visits regularly should know where it’s located.

Home health safety items

If you’re caring for a senior, you should be aware that their balance and stability becomes less reliable as they age. Taking steps to make their residence safer is crucial to helping them avoid falls and serious injuries. Shower safety products can help them take a shower independently. The Essential Medical Deluxe Molded Shower Bench with Arms and Back lets them sit down while showering, and the arms helps them stand up when they’re ready to get out.

Diabetes care products

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases, affecting about 1 in 10 Americans. Thankfully, many diabetes care products are HSA eligible. This includes blood glucose meters, testing strips, lancing devices, sharps containers, alcohol swabs and more.

If your dependent requires a visit to an endocrinologist and additional testing, you can use your HSA to pay for those expenses.

Incontinence products

Incontinence is a common problem for older adults, but there are many HSA eligible products that can eliminate accidents. Incontinence pads and underwear are the most popular options. The Depend FIT-FLEX Underwear is a popular pick for women, while the TENA ProSkin™ Protective Plus Incontinence Underwear works well for men. Consumers who want extra protection can use a reusable pad to place on top of their mattress, like the Caring Mill™ 34" x 36" Reusable Cotton Underpad.

The DFree Wearable Prediction Device for Incontinence is a wearable device that sends an alert when the bladder is nearly full in order to prevent accidents. 

Personal mobility items

Wheelchairs, walkers and canes are all HSA eligible, including accessories like cushions and armrests. The Drive Duet Rollator/Transport Chair can be used both as a wheelchair and a rolling walker, perfect for patients whose mobility restrictions can fluctuate. If the senior doesn't need a wheelchair or walker just yet, you can purchase a cane for them with your HSA funds. The HurryCane Freedom Edition Folding Cane easily folds so they can store it under a seat - perfect for going to the movies or a restaurant. Another popular option is the Mountain Properties Tri-Seat Adjustable Seat Cane, which converts into a chair when they need to sit down.

Respiratory therapy products

Adults with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis and other lung-related diseases often rely on a nebulizer to dispense their medication in mist form. The Aura Portable Nebulizer is light enough to take on vacation. You can also use your HSA to purchase replacement masks for your nebulizer.

Seniors who suffer from frequent allergies or other respiratory ailments can also use a steam inhaler like the MyPurMist Classic Handheld Steam Inhaler to break up congestion and make it easier to breathe. 

Toilet accessories

If you’re taking care of a senior, you may need to keep a raised toilet seat in each bathroom. These accessories are placed on top of a toilet to make it easier to sit down. Some, like the Guardian Locking Raised Toilet Seat with Arms, have arms on the side to make getting up and down even easier. If you’re not sure whether your dependent needs a toilet seat with arms, try The Drive Medical Toilet Seat Riser with removable arms. 

Electrocardiogram machines

Patients with heart problems can purchase an at-home EKG machine to monitor their readings in case they suspect something is wrong. The AliveCor KardiaMobile Personal EKG syncs results to an app that stores all readings. The app will show if the user is experiencing atrial fibrillation, bradycardia or tachycardia. The device is the size of a deck of cards and battery-powered, so it’s easy to use on-the-go.

The Omron Complete Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG includes an EKG and a blood pressure monitor for more thorough readings.

Physical therapy aides

Seniors who have a recurring injury or suffer from chronic pain may benefit from at-home physical therapy products. The Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Therapy Back and Hip Starter Kit is a battery-powered reusable wrap that can be used for back or hip pain. It comes with a remote that’s used to control the settings. Some seniors find that massages can reduce their pain and may enjoy the Calming Heat Massaging Weighted Heating Pad, which can be placed almost anywhere on the body. 

Seniors who need to visit a physical therapist can also use HSA funds to do that.


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