Stay healthy now—and retire with healthy savings

It’s easy with the help of HSA Store’s Expense Dashboard

Using your health savings account (HSA) as a long-term investment or retirement account is a smart move for many people. You can get what you need to stay healthy now, while letting your pre-tax funds grow and accrue interest. Here’s your quick start guide to getting the most out of your HSA.

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Step 1

Create an HSA Store account or sign in to your existing account

It’s easy to create an account; just add your email and create a password. Then start shopping for your everyday health essentials. Everything at HSA Store qualifies for purchase with your pre-tax dollars — guaranteed.

Step 2

Shop qualified health expenses

Purchase qualified health items and pay however you want; you don't have to spend the money in your HSA. Just be sure to save your receipts, so you can reimburse yourself later.

Step 3

Track your expenses

HSA Store’s Expense Dashboard automatically stores your receipts in one safe place. You can also upload receipts from other qualified health expenses, like prescriptions or doctor visits. The Expense Dashboard will keep track of all of your purchases for you, helping you simplify everything.

Step 4

Grow your funds

Keep spending out of pocket on your health as needed, and let your HSA balance grow over time — growth and investment gains are tax-free.

Step 5

Reimburse yourself

When you're ready, use your receipts to reimburse yourself with your pre-tax funds or previously paid-for expenses. With tax savings, it's like saving $30 on every $100 spent.*

*Assumes pre-tax HSA contributions and average tax rates, including state, federal and FICA taxes. For illustrative purposes only. Individual earnings may vary. Note: 2024 annual contribution limits are $4,150 for single plans and $8,150 for family plans. Pre-tax HSA contributions not used for qualified medical expenses are subject to a 20% income tax penalty.


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