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VibraCool Vibration and Ice Pain Relief for Wrist/Elbow


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About this product

The gate control mechanism is the basis for VibraCool. "Gate control” is the term used to describe pain relief by confusing your body's own nerves and distracting away from the pain. Nerve sensations of temperature (c fibers) or vibration (a beta fibers) combine in the spine to send one message to the brain. Hyperstimulating cold and vibration "shuts the gate" on the small, fast a delta sharp pain sensations, so the brain only perceives cold and motion.

The anti-inflammatory effects of ice and high-frequency low-amplitude vibration work together to relieve pain and keep muscles moving. Simply attach VibraCool with the hands-free strap (included) to the extremity. Use vibration alone for 10 minutes immediately prior to workouts to relieve delayed onset muscle soreness. Use ice and vibration together once to twice daily as prescribed by your physician for decrease of pain, muscle recovery, or during therapy to reduce pain. Golf wrist, tennis elbow, bowling strain pain, all are great reasons to VibraCool

  • RELIEVES PAIN - High Frequency vibration and ice to relieve pain. Research shows that high frequency vibration can help healing, and putting cold on pain is as old as ice itself
  • WRIST and ELBOW RELIEF - VibraCool's innovative combination is curved to fit on running injuries or carpal tunnel pain. Tuck under clothing for on the go relief
  • JOINT PAIN AND GENERAL ACHES AND INJURIES - Place VibraCool directly where it hurts, adding effectiveness to medical or sports training icing and relieving joint pain, general aches and injuries
  • AWARD-WINNING FOR PAIN - Buzzy is an award-winning personal pain management device invented by a physician, mom, and pain researcher
  • FDA 510(k) "CLEARED" - VibraCool is a clinically proven, that temporarily relieves aches and injuries on contact. We combine two physiologic methods, high frequency vibration and ice, to relieve pain


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