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Systane Soothing Eye Drops for Contacts - 12ml

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SYSTANE ® CONTACTS Lubricant Eye Drops have been shown safe and effective for individuals with eyes sensitive to thimerosal. SYSTANE ® CONTACTS Lubricant Eye Drops is an effective thimerosal- and sorbic-acid-free formula. For use as recommended by your eye care practitioner.

SYSTANE ® CONTACTS Lubricant Eye Drops may be used with daily and extended wear soft (hydrophilic), rigid gas permeable (silicone acrylate and fluorosiliconeacrylate) and hard contact lenses for the following:

  • Moistening of daily wear lenses while in the eyes during the day
  • Moistening of extended wear lenses upon awakening and as needed during the day
  • Moistening of extended wear lenses prior to retiring at night
  • Placing 1 or 2 drops of SYSTANE ® CONTACTS Lubricant Eye Drops on the eye followed by blinking 2 or 3 times will relieve minor irritation, discomfort or blurring which may occur while wearing lenses.
Sterile, Isotonic, Aqueous Solution That Contains Dextran; Sodium Chloride; Potassium Chloride and Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose With Edetate Disodium 0.1% and POLYQUAD (Polyquaternium-1) 0.001% Preservative
Apply as needed throughout the day while wearing contact lenses.
To avoid contamination, do not touch dropper tip to any surface. Replace cap after use. See package insert for complete directions for use and important safety information.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 15 reviews.

Published 7 months ago

Soothed eye after wearing contact all say

Published 7 months ago

Great for dry eyes works great!

Published 7 months ago

good product... thought I was getting the regular ones but got the ones for contacts... I still use them and they still work fine

Published 7 months ago

Love this line of products

Published 7 months ago

Great for soothing the eyes!

Published 8 months ago

work great for my dry eyes ...

Published 8 months ago

The work ok. I wasn't thrilled about the light stinging feeling.

Published 9 months ago

Amazin. It really makes your contacts feel great

Published 10 months ago

I wish the FSA store sold the Gel form but this is nice

Published 10 months ago

Product worked to soothe and lubricate my eyes after a long day wearing contacts. Since my day wasn't quite over, I was able to continue working with clear vision and no irritation or eye fatigue.

Published 10 months ago

These eye drops are long lasting and great to use for computer work.

Published 10 months ago

helps with my dry eyes. very soothing

Published 11 months ago

My favorite brand of eye care, recommended by whom performed my eye exam when asking about myself and my father's ageing eyes because he's experiencing changes, which are for him or normal and this brand a little goes a very long way as well. They have a great variety o their products, gels, ointment, drops.

Published 1 year ago

Great For added moisture.

Published 1 year ago

Originally recommended by my doctor, works well!


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