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Steady Step Sol Step, Medium

3.4 7 Reviews

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About this product


Sol Step is designed to provide improved cushion and shock absorption on the plantar aspect of the heel. A gel pad, located under the heel, cushions each step. The neoprene stocking-like support fits comfortably in the shoe. Compression to the heel and arch reduces edema and swelling to accelerate healing. Effective treatment for chronic heel pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, fat pad contusion or atrophy and calcaneal stress fracture.

*Product is a universal fit and can be worn on either the left or right foot*

  • Sizing: Medium: Men's shoe size 6 - 9.5, Women's shoe size 8 - 11

Rated 3.4 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

Published 3 months ago

helpful but a little awkward to walk on

Published 1 year ago

Caused more pain in my heal, not less

Published 1 year ago

Love this product. Helps a ton when I don't want to wear shoes in the house.

Published 1 year ago

Worked very well for a week but began to get sore feet again after that. Still works much better than most shoe inserts.

Published 1 year ago

I cannot wear this in any of my work shoes because it raises my foot to high. Also, I would need a second one because only using one throws my whole alignment off. Unfortunately it came in a sealed bag that I had to open and now I am stuck with it.

Published 1 year ago

Size is spot on. But the pad seems a tad narrow for mens. My wife tried it on first and she liked it but it was a bit loose so I got her the small size but she says they feel short around the heel compared to the medium.

Published 1 year ago

Has helped a lot! Glad I ordered!

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