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Opening an HSA

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How do I open an HSA?


If you qualify for an HSA, you can either obtain it through your employer (if offered) or go directly to an HSA provider. If your employer offers an HSA coupled with a qualifying HDHP, this is usually the most convenient and beneficial approach. Speak with your employer's benefits department for details.

If your employer does not offer an HSA or you are enrolled in a qualified HDHP that is not sponsored by an employer, you can choose any HSA provider. Like any other bank account or investment account, some factors to consider when selecting an HSA include:

- Access to your funds (Checks, Debit Card, Bill Pay, ATM, Reimbursement)
- Fees (such monthly fees, statement fees, trade fees, minimum balance requirements)
- Interest Rates (and check for FDIC insurance)
- Investment Options
- Customer Service


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