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Sea Bond Denture Bath, 1 ea


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Denture Bath

Discover the unshakeable confidence! Perfect for daily cleaning or overnight soaking. Safety basket keeps dentures safe and away from residue. Loop handle allows for secure handling. Antibacterial plastic (contains an antibacterial ingredient to inhibit the growth of bacteria on surface of plastic). Leak-proof lid.

1.Put cleanser and dentures into the safety basket inside the denture bath. 2.Add enough very warm (not hot) water to cover dentures. Close lid firmly. 3.After soaking, lift out basket. Simply mount basket on inside bath hinge. 4.Rinse dentures under warm, running water. You may leave your dentures in basket while rinsing. 5.If dentures are still stained after soaking, brush with Sea-Bond Brightening Cleanser, designed to brighten away tough, hard-to-reach denture stains. 6.Rinse out and dry denture bath and basket. Replace basket into denture bath. Press firmly to lock lid in place. 7.Top rack dishwasher safe.
Before you begin testing on the forearm, read your Owner's Booklet and talk to your dentist.

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Published 10 months ago

Like that it has a lift out tray.great item

Published 1 year ago

Great product!! As described in the description, great quality.

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