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Ocean Saline Nasal Spray, 1.5 oz

3.9 7 Reviews
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OCEAN Saline Nasal Spray is the original, #1 pharmacist-recommended nasal saline moisturizer. It offers natural, non-medicated relief for dry, irritated nasal passages due to allergies, colds, flu, rhinitis and sinusitis. It is safe for frequent daily nasal care and is gentle enough for infants.

When to Use:

  • For nasal dryness due to allergies, cold, flu, rhinitis, and sinusitis
  • To help relieve congestion by thinning mucus
  • To return moisture caused by drug-induced dryness
  • To help reduce nosebleeds from dryness
  • To moisturize and irrigate membranes following nasal surgery
  • To relieve dryness associated with oxygen treatments and CPAP machines for sleep apnea
  • For general moisturizing in dry, cold climates
  • To moisturize the nose while spending time in enclosed spaces such as during air travel

Rated 3.9 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

Published 9 months ago

Great nasal spray in a compact size, making it easy to bring with me when I travel.

Published 10 months ago

Only one star because I haven't received it yet. Forgot I had ordered it until I saw this. I've used it in the past and it works well.

Published 10 months ago

I use it to help ward off colds.

Published 11 months ago

Standard product with no frills.

Published 1 year ago

Good for everday use. Easy to handle and multiple ways to use. For those who snore, best use after a warm shower and heading to bed.

Published 1 year ago

Havent uswd it yet but Im sure it works

Published 1 year ago

Great for sore, dry sinuses.

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