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Nasal cease Nosebleed Packings, 5 Each

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The Quick And Convenient Way To Stop a Bloody Nose!

NasalCEASE ® is a DOCTOR RECOMMENDED, natural based bio-polymer called calcium alginate, designed and manufactured with unique properties for the quick and convenient treatment of nose bleeds.
NasalCEASE is 100% safe, without side effects and without any contraindications with other medications you might be taking.

NasalCEASE ® is sold in boxes containing five sterile packs. Each sterile pack treats one nose bleed. The individual sterile packs can be conveniently stored and can be easily carried in a purse or pocket, ensuring easy accessibility whenever and wherever a nose bleed should occur.
When a nosebleed starts, blow your nose to clear any clots. 1.Tear open the sterile pack where indicated. 2.Twist the ends for easy insertion. 3.Insert so the exposed end is just to the base of the nasal cavity. 4.Remove within thirty minutes as shown on package. If blood is still coming from the nose after removal, insert a second pack and remove it after another thirty minutes. Refer to the enclosed package insert for additional information.
Do not coat NasalCEASE with ointments prior to use. NasalCEASE has not been approved for use by children twelve and under.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

Published 9 months ago

Good to have on hand since my daughter gets lots of nose bleeds

Published 9 months ago

My third son gets nosebleeds quiet often, so this helps

Published 11 months ago

haven't had to use but seems like a wise decision to have just in case!!

Published 11 months ago

Haven't tried yet, but just noticed that the directions say it will take 30 minutes

Published 1 year ago

My daughter gets bloody noses really easy and these were great to stop the bleeding.

Published 1 year ago

My son gets nose bleeds all the time. This helps a lot

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