Bed Buddy at Home® Relaxation Mask (Lavender)

Bed Buddy at Home® Relaxation Mask (Lavender)

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Bed Buddy at Home® Purple Relaxation Mask (Lavender)

The Hot & Cold Relaxation Mask is imbued with fragrant oils and natural herbs to soothe aches and pains, restore tired muscles, and invigorate senses. Simply heat in the microwave to provide comforting moist heat to relieve headache and sinus pain. Or chill in the freezer for a cold compress to reduce swelling in tired, puffy eyes. The Mask features an elastic band to hold it in place and a satin back that's gentle on the skin. Filled with all-natural grains. Ideal for relieving sinus tension and headaches.

  • Provides soothing moist heat or anti-inflammatory power of cold therapy
  • Fragranced with natural herbs
  • Lavender
  • Contains Latex
Contains Latex

Rated 3.9 out of 5 based on 26 reviews.

Published 2 weeks ago

Little uncomfortable at first because the elastic bands are really tight. Love the smell for bedtime!

Published 2 weeks ago

Wonderful product to ease your stress

Published 2 weeks ago

At first this was nice, with a strong smell, which was relaxing. However, after one night the smell was gone. It's still nice to have though!

Published 3 weeks ago

Love this product and well worth the money paid

Published 3 weeks ago

Smells nice and helps me sleep

Published 3 weeks ago

love this product after a long day of work

DeAnn Crawford
Published 3 weeks ago

Wow! Much much nicer than anticipated. It is really stuffed full and is even a tad heavy; the smell is pleasant and both the satin and the fuzzy material are good quality.

Published 3 weeks ago

Very nice product! I use this warm and cool!

Anita Lewis
Published 3 weeks ago

The elastic band is too tight, I couldn't use the mask

Published 3 weeks ago

Love the mask, a little tight on the straps.

Published 3 weeks ago

Elastic strap is pretty tight...with no option to loosen it. I had to cut mine off to use it...otherwise it would've given me a headache.

Published 3 weeks ago

Very nice comfort for slept good

Published 1 month ago

Too much filling in the eye pad.

Published 1 month ago

Great product does what is advertised!

Published 1 month ago

Very relaxing and doesn't let any light in. I have to have pure darkness to sleep

Published 1 month ago

A little tight to actually wear the mask, but I'm sure once I break it in and stretch it out a bit, it will be fine.

Published 1 month ago

Strap broke within 5 seconds of use.

Published 2 months ago

wife liked it wife liked it

Published 2 months ago

Very relaxing and soothing.

Published 2 months ago

I've used this a couple of times; the cool does not last as long as I thought it might (have not used yet as a heated product). But it does seem to give me some relief and some relaxation.

Published 3 months ago

to small wouldn't recommend to someone with a large size face; it actually doesn't fit my small niece's face and she is 9 years of age

Wei Oolong
Published 5 months ago

Heavy mask. I wouldn't fall asleep in them.

Published 5 months ago

my wife like it. she love the smell.

Published 5 months ago

I got this for my daughter and it was too tight around her head

Published 5 months ago

Great for naps, especially during the daylight hours, darkens for better sleep

Published 11 months ago

Love wearing this at night and when I get my migraines..