Bed Buddy Deep Penetrating Body Wrap, 1 ea

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The Original Bed Buddy®
Doctor Recommended
Moist Heat Without Adding Water
Provides Natural Moist Heat
Use it Cold or Hot
Long Lasting
Ready in Minutes
Stays Heated for up to an hour
One Size Fits All
Contains 100% Natural Organic Materials
Easy and Safe to Use as Directed
The Original Bed Buddy® Body Wrap is easy to use and provides deep penetrating heat for overexertion, strains, sprains, and arthritis. Can also be used as a Cold Pack.
The hook-and-loop closure allows for secure and comfortable placement in various positions on the body. 
Suggested Uses: Neck, Shoulder, Arm, Back, and Knee Pain; Stomach Cramps, Aching Hands and Feet, Use for Nursing Mothers, and more.
Benefits of Moist Heat: Medical professionals recommend moist heat because it penetrates deeply and quickly to increase blood flow to reduce pain and relax muscles. Bed Buddy® products are unique because they produce deep penetrating moist heat when activated in a microwave (heating pads, gel packs, and air-activated wraps only provide dry heat).

Rated 4.3 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.

Published 2 months ago

Easy to use and arrived quickly

Published 6 months ago

Nice comfort. My back loves it

Published 7 months ago

I bought this for my 18 year old daughter for college and she is using it while at home already. It's easy to use on different parts of the body.

Published 7 months ago

It is a nice size body wrap that covers the back, plus it fit other bodies parts.

Published 7 months ago

The use of the body wrap was very good and helped out.

Published 7 months ago

This product took a while to figure out how to use.

Published 7 months ago

Decent size. Great for shoulder & lower back pain. Covers a large area.

Published 1 year ago

Great product for pain and swelling!

Published 1 year ago

Versatile for hot and cold. Fits well and is effective for muscle aches and pains.

Published 1 year ago

very hard to heat in the microwave

Published 1 year ago

Freezing this doesn't get it cold enough, it's mostly a weight which helps but I need it colder.


AZ-PROD-WEB01 2/23/2018 8:49:38 AM